ILI Coordination

A successful smart tool run is integral to the effectiveness of a pipeline integrity program

To get the best results from a smart tool it is important that the ILI Inspector on-site can safely lead a dynamic work site, has a complete understanding of smart tools, can troubleshoot pipeline issues, and has the customer’s best interest in mind when it comes to gathering ILI data. Our ILI Inspectors have the experience, manpower, and project management capabilities to ensure operators are getting precise data from their smart tool runs.

An ILI Coordinator or ILI Inspector is a highly trained professional responsible for the precise launching and receiving of pipeline pigs. Their expertise extends to overseeing all aspects of a run, including product flow, tool speeds, and contractor management on-site, ensuring a successful tool run. We not only possess advanced training in operating smart tools but also serve as on-site experts for executing various runs, such as cleaning, gauge, purge and reflood procedures.

  • Infield personnel with project management, safety and leadership experience
  • Subject matter experts on ILI execution
  • Complete understanding of pipeline facilities
  • Knowledge in pipeline dynamics for optimal ILI data collection
  • Scope, schedule & cost management of infield activities
  • Full turnkey offline ILI experience
  • Complete understanding of material needed for full turnkey operations
  • SME field personnel driving first run success
  • Complete understanding of ILI vendor equipment and feasibility of different applications
  • In office project management support of field operations
  • Smart Tool Runs
  • Gauge Tool Runs
  • Cleaning Tool Runs
  • Commissioning of Pipeline
  • Decommissioning of Pipeline
  • Pipeline Line Purge
  • Pipeline Re-flood
  • Natural Gas & Propane
  • Crude Oil & Condensate
  • Methane, Ethane & H2S Environments
  • Diesel & Refined Fuels
  • Nitrogen
  • Production Water
  • Potash Slurry