Pig Tracking

We are tool tracking experts. No matter the difficulty of the tool run, our industry-leading remote and live tracking techniques allow us to always monitor the tool’s speed and location.

PIG tracking is at our roots. We are experts at it. Our field proven processes allow us to provide instantaneous updates on exactly where the tool is moving, current speed, average speeds, and any unusual information (loud dings, noises, or physical anomalies) that can contribute to run success and pipeline data. Providing clear and accurate tool tracking information is critical to performing successful pigging runs.

In-Line performs both live tracking and remote tracking on our projects. This strategy provides clients a heightened service level by providing more value and costing less. Our tracking system reaps the benefits of intelligent technology while still having physical manpower to support operators and troubleshoot issues that a singular remote AGM can’t.

Element Tracking System Includes:

  • Element WebMap Interface
  • Traditional Live Pig Tracking Support
  • Autonomous Pig Tracking Boxes

Element Tracking System Advantages

  • Live trackers to troubleshoot field issues
  • Decreased Safety Risks
  • Pipeline Data Management
  • Cost Efficiencies

In-Line Pigging Solutions has verified this service offering through rigorous scenario testing and live situations. Several challenges can arise when a tool is not being tracked properly. It can delay timelines, increase costs and create headaches for all stakeholders. In-Line helps you avoid such situations. We have the expertise, the equipment, and the crews to successfully and cost effectively perform your pipeline pig tracking.

Working in a remote area?

No problem. In-Line Pigging Solutions will get the tool from launch to receive – even if it means using helicopters, Argos, Sherps, quads, snowmobiles, or moving by foot.