President's Message

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

In-Line Pigging Solutions will manage all operations in a manner that protects the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the public, as well as protecting the Environment and complying with applicable laws, regulations, industry and internal standards. In-Line Pigging Solutions will continually improve safety and performance by proactively evaluating its operations to identify hazards, assess priorities and implement practices to reduce the number and severity of safety and related incidents towards a goal of zero incidents.

Health, Safety and Environmental Values

Safety and performance are essential to the success of In-Line Pigging Solutions and its employees. Safety always comes first, regardless of the scale or urgency of the project. All employees will be provided with the proper tools, training and work instructions to perform their work tasks safely and in accordance with regulatory requirements. In-Line Employees are empowered from day one that they have the right and the responsibility to prevent accidents, product releases and property losses. Employees and contractors are responsible for understanding and complying with applicable Acts, regulations and In-Line Pigging Solutions requirements relating to their job performance as a condition of employment.

Health, Safety and Environmental Commitments

In-Line Pigging Solutions will communicate this policy to all its employees regularly and ensure that it is displayed prominently. The management team will annually review its HS&E objectives by tracking key performance measures while promoting and supporting a culture of accident, injury and environmental prevention. Management will proactively work with industry peers and regulators to develop and advance effective approaches and strategies for HS&E protection. And finally, In-Line Pigging Solutions will be attentive to its employees, customers, contractors, neighbors and regulators to continually improve our operational, performance and management systems relating to HS&E.

Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

The Management and all In-Line Pigging Solutions Employees sincerely believe that good health, a safe workplace and protection of the environment are of paramount concern to us. We strongly believe that all work can and should be completed in a safe and controlled manner. In-Line Pigging Solutions is committed to ensuring all personnel complete activities in a safe and controlled manner by:

  • Ensuring all personnel receive appropriate training and have the appropriate experience to complete assigned work
  • Providing procedures outlining how to complete all work assigned in a safe and controlled manner
  • Providing the appropriate tools and equipment required to complete all activities in a safe and controlled manner
  • Regularly communicating expectations of management that all work is completed in a safe and controlled manner
  • ILPS management demonstrating, through example and support, that safety and proper procedures are of paramount importance in completing assigned work in a safe manner
  • Adhering to the requirements of Certificate of Recognition (COR) program

In-Line Pigging Solutions Ltd. has committed to providing a high quality, high value service to our clients. We would be pleased to discuss any aspects of our health, safety and environmental program with you to demonstrate our level of commitment in order to ensure your level of confidence in our program. We are happy to actively work with our customers through safety management services such as ISNet World, ComplyWorks and PICS.

In-Line Pigging Solutions Ltd. is pleased to partner with KASA Consulting in the deployment and management of our health, safety and environment program. ILPS works closely with KASA Consulting to provide employee training, advice on best practices, updates on regulatory changes and other improvements to our safety program.

For more information on our HS&E program or to report a safety or environmental related issue, please contact one of our Safety Officers using the form below.

David Geoffrion

Health, Safety & Environment Manager
Phone: 403-930-5141

Rob Preston

Safety Officer, Saskatchewan & Manitoba
Phone: 306-209-6015