We have fully trained and certified installers to apply all CS|NRI products. From traditional ClockSprings to complex carbon fibre Atlas Wrap we have installers for every product. Each install is complete with an Engineering Assessment, Checklist Reports, and a QA/QC Package.

Advantages of ILPS Installers

Reliability In-Line installers have installed hundreds of CS|NRI products in various weather conditions and on multiple pipelines sizes carrying different product making our experience unparalleled. Every install is unique and provides our installers with the experience and reliability to install products safely and effectively.
Availability Decisions are made fast in the dig world and require immediate attention. We are available 24/7 -365 to support the safe reliable flow of your energy products. Trust on us to be there to get an Engineering Assessment, product, and a install crew lined up to bring your asset back to its original integrity.