Permanent Tracking

Industry leading remote tracking boxes providing permanent tracking 24/7 365 days a year.  

We provide permanent remote tracking boxes for lines that do not require the presence of a live tracker. Our permanent tracking service includes the industry's top remote boxes, trackers, and technology. This allows us to execute consistent pig runs, with a cost-efficient approach, that’s both safe and effective.

Provides accurate, real-time knowledge of tool location, progress and results, allowing all shareholders access to critical data.

For first run success, it is vital to know the speed of the tool. Over speeds can result in run failure which significantly increase the cost of a job. This system enables precise monitoring of tool speed.

  • No resources on site saving project costs on vehicles, periderms, and mobilizations 

  • Increased safety by having technicians track the tool remotely.  

  • AGMs are always in the same location creating advantages for analyzing tool runs and data 

  • Every tool is tracked and monitored