We provide permanent remote tracking boxes for lines that do not require the presence of a live tracker. Our permanent box offering includes the industry's best remote box, our Element WebApp, and remote trackers help execute your consistent pig runs.

Why use trackers for your pig run?

location icon

Provides accurate, real-time knowledge of tool location.

  • Able to provide client with up to date progress and communication when the tool is traveling to important sections of the pipelines such as block valves or stations.
  • Reduces the cost of locating a stuck or lost tool.
speed icon

Enables precise monitoring of tool speed.

  • For first run success, it is vital to know the speed of the tool. Over speeds can result in run failure which significantly increase the cost of a job
planning icon

Allows for better planning and coordination.

  • Bangs, thumps, over speeds, and hang-ups provide vital information to the client and the tool vendor. An active ear on the pipeline allows for two-way communication between operators and trackers, and help create a plan to mitigate variables and enhance first run success.
  • Although Surveyors and trackers do cost money, they also save you money. Proper coordination and communication of what is happening in the pipeline mitigates risks such as a lost tool, a stuck tool, or a run failure. All of these potential events can end up costing you far more than you had ever planned to spend.