The Element System

Provide full spectrum integrity services to deliver program cost effectiveness, and in-line inspection success.

Our Element System is how we make the planning and execution of pipeline integrity projects seamless. The Element System pulls all aspects of a pipeline integrity project to a web-based application that catalyzes successful projects. Combining intelligent technology with unparalleled experience is what separates us from our competitors.

The Element System organizes current and historical line information, project plans, line pressures, portable scada, elevation graphs, tool location and speeds to one easy to navigate Web-App. All project stakeholders from managers to field level employees are included allowing individuals to make appropriate decisions by having real-time line information while executing a pigging project.

    Element System Includes:

    • Project Execution Plans
    • Survey Data & Site Maps
    • Tool Location & Speeds
    • Pressure Profiles
    • Pre-ILI Support
    • Data Management

    Engineered Solutions

    Every tool run and pipeline integrity project from basic to complex presents its own unique characteristics and challenges. That is why we develop calculated and engineered solutions for each individual pipeline.

    To get the most out of your projects there are certain elements that will increase project success such as tool, product, and pressure selections. To ensure first run success it is important that proper execution plans are well planned and understood.

    Our Element Web Tracking App provides a live view of the tool run for all project stakeholders to understand tool location, speeds, and important ETA’s in real time. The Element App receives its information from live trackers reporting passages, communications from remote boxes, and portable pressure transmitters.

    We have integrated remote tracking boxes to the Element App to have trackers live stream geophone, ELF, and magnetic data from cellular boxes. This capability allows In-Line trackers to track at locations that they are not physically at providing enhanced reliability and accuracy on tool runs. This precise detail provides operators with reliable information to make informed decisions during a tool run leading to greater first run success.

    Element System diagram
    pressure transmitter

    Pressure Transmitters

    pressure transmitter

    Remote Tracking Boxes

    tool run example

    Element Web Tracking App

    Element system success rate at 98%