The Element System

The Element System pulls all aspects of a pipeline integrity project to a web-based application aimed at seamlessly planning and executing projects. Our innovative technology, combined with unmatched experience is essential to a successful pigging project 

Element System overview diagram

Why It Works

pressure transmitter

Pressure Transmitters

Adaptive decision making can be the difference for executing projects the first time around and safely. They are easily deployed with a standard sizing that plugs into any threaded valve. The pressure transmitters prove extremely effective for tracking pigs in a gaseous environment, as operators receive instantaneous pressure updates, allowing them to make quick decisions, based on reliable information. Our pressure transmitters also support locating stopped or stuck tools.

above ground marker

Remote Tracking Boxes 

This technology and live web application allow for remote tracking and real time updates. We can live stream geophone, ELF, and magnetic data in any AGM location that has cellular service. Live trackers utilize this system to provide heightened service at an effective price. This allows for expert problem solving that a remote box can't do alone, without compromising our commitment to tracking every location.

web tracking app

Web Tracking App 

The Element Web Tracking App provides a live view of the tool run for all project stakeholders to understand tool location, speeds, and important ETA’s in real time. The Element Web App archives all data including execution plans, tool speeds, controls, environmental landscape, and issues experienced during every tool run, streamlining the planning, organization, and execution of future projects.