Additional Solutions

In-Line Pigging has become one of the industry’s most valued and trusted suppliers through a solutions-based approach to the multiple challenges our clients face. Running a pipeline in a safe and efficient manner involves a great deal of responsibility. Whether it is ongoing maintenance and monitoring or an urgent issue that requires an immediate and sensitive response, In-Line Pigging is on your side.

Protect and maintain your assets

Whether you need periodic maintenance support during peak periods or you wish to have us run your whole maintenance pigging program, we can provide the level of support you require. Our Maintenance Pigging Technicians have experience in launching and receiving pigs, operating valves, lock-out tag-out procedures, changing strainers, and handling and transportation of waste and wax products. We can also plan, organize and execute any chemical treatments, de-waxing or inhibitor runs that require pigging expertise.

Covering your operator personnel

Do you have appropriate trained coverage for your Pipeline Operators when they go on holidays or you have company wide meetings? If you’re looking for reliable coverage of your operator personnel, we can help.

  • Pipeline Right of Way Patrols
  • Station Checks, Tank Readings & Pump Restarts
  • Minor Station Maintenance & Filter Changes
  • First Call Management
  • Permitting – Crossing and Proximity Agreements
  • Integrity Inspection and General Pipeline Inspection

Managing your first call program

Handling calls from the provincial 1st call program can consume an enormous amount of your Pipeline Operator’s time. Additionally, 1st call requests can come in when you or your staff is busy responding to other priorities in your organization. Most 1st calls do not require site visits, but when they do, they can pull important company resources away from more critical work. We have trained staff to handle all your incoming 1st calls during peak request times. Some of our clients also train our personnel to write permits for crossings and proximity agreements. Let us help you manage your 1st call program.

Experienced engineering and technical personnel

In-Line Pigging Solutions offers seasoned engineering and technical personnel. The professionals we provide become integral members of our team. Unlike other staffing services, our personnel are not left to navigate on their own, benefiting from continuous backup and support. This collaborative approach ensures they have the resources to contribute as happy, highly productive members of your workforce. Contact us today to explore support for your engineering and technical workforce.