Depth of Cover Survey

We traverse pipelines meticulously documenting depth, markers, risers, and provide comprehensive reports that unveil your pipeline's depth and coverage profile. 

Whether it's through a slew, a bog, or across a lake, we accurately locate the depth of your pipeline. Conducting Depth of Cover (DoC) is crucial in assessing the precise location of your pipeline, whether underground or above ground. This survey enables you to identify areas where the pipeline is too shallow and allows smart tools to correct their positioning, providing more accurate data for your pipeline. While obtaining depth information is vital, walking the entire pipeline also offers clients valuable insights into their infrastructure.

Accurate Depth of Cover Survey for water crossings is crucial information for pipeline operators and owners. Variables such as scour, channel degradation/aggradation, bank erosion, and encroachment are dynamic and continuously changing. Our services enhance your understanding of the pipeline environment, reducing the potential for unforeseen risks. This includes: 

  • River Survey 
  • Floating Pipe Survey 
  • Slope Mitigation Survey

Not only is getting depths on your pipeline important but walking an entire pipeline gives a client reliable information on their pipeline such as missing pipeline marker signs, gaseous smells, or exposed pipe.