We have essentially walked across Canada and back performing Depth of Cover Survey on pipelines. We walk entire pipelines taking depths and GPS shots every 25m and other pipeline features such as pipeline markers, risers, and stations.

Whether it is a slew, a bog, or a lake we have a way to get the depth of your pipeline. We perform DofC because knowing where your pipeline lays in the ground (or out of the ground). This allows you to know where the pipe is too shallow and also let’s smart tools correct their positioning giving you better data on your pipeline.

Not only is getting depths on your pipeline important but walking an entire pipeline gives a client reliable information on their pipeline such as missing pipeline marker signs, gaseous smells, or exposed pipe.

Water Course Management

Depth of Cover Survey through water crossings is extremely important information for pipeline operators and owners. Scour, channel degradation/aggradation, bank erosion, and encroachment are all variables that are continuously changing.

Our core water course management services can increase knowledge on your pipeline and decrease the possibility of unknown risks.

Our Water Course Management Surveys Include:

  • River Survey
  • Floating Pipe Survey
  • Slope Mitigation Survey