Above Ground Markers (AGM) are surveyed tool tracking points that are used to record passage of the tool in the pipeline. A successful tool run starts with a well laid out AGM survey.

Above Ground Markers (AGM) are surveyed tool tracking points that are used to record passages of the tool in the pipeline. These passages confirm tool location,condition,speed, and velocity. Access and survey precision of AGM points during a tool run is critical to the efficiency and success of tracking the tool. Proper AGM survey ensures pipeline anomalies or defects to be located with a higher degree of accuracy. In-Line ensures sub-decimetre survey precision to get better data results –which contributes to greater first run success, safety, and pipeline integrity management.

We work with you and the smart tool vendor to determine when and where AGMs should be placed, including in hard to reach areas where remote boxes can be utilized.

Why Perform an Above Ground Marker (AGM) Survey?

An AGM survey is an important component of internal pipeline inspection. A proper AGM survey reduces the chainage errors and improves your ability to precisely pinpoint pipeline anomalies. Proper placement of AGMs is crucial to both safety and performance.

Survey Crew

AGM Survey consists of a 2-technician crew. There is one Survey Lead and one Survey Support Technician. AGM Survey is typically performed with two trucks in a leap frogging sequence to create time and cost efficiencies.

Equipment Includes:

4X4 Trucks

  • All vehicles that will be dispatched by In-Line are 4X4 half-ton or three quarter-ton trucks.

Pipeline Locator

  • In-Line uses the FUJI Metal Pipe and Cable Locator PL-960. This piece of equipment allows us to find all pipelines no matter the diameter, depth, or weather conditions.

Global Positioning Software (GPS)

  • In-Line only uses the Trimble Geo7X handheld data collector. With capabilities of 1-2cm accuracy the software packed Geo7X allows for reliable and accurate shots.


  • In-Line uses ATV’s to survey locations that cannot be reached by truck or foot.

Other Misc Gear

  • Survey crews will also be equipped with pin finders, lath, pins, and other pertinent survey equipment

AGM Survey Examples



Download AGM Survey Example