GIS Services

Digitizing pipeline surveys, sites, & specific locations for streamlined project management

We have the capability to collect, plot, and render Above Ground Marker locations and integrity dig sites in accordance with your company's pipeline GIS or pipeline integrity system's data dictionary and format. Integrated with field-collected photos and other pertinent information, our service offers your pipeline engineers a comprehensive understanding of the conditions at a dig site and the precise location of AGM markers.

We perform site visits and provide up-to-date documentation of your sites so you can accurately plan any project that will take place. Launchers, receivers, fences, and various infrastructure objects all play a part in your ILI project planning. 

  • Post processing GPS data for more accurate coordinates 
  • Digitizing AGM, Dig, and Casing sites 
  • Digitizing surrounding work areas 
  • Digitizing Launcher & Receiver Sites 
  • Emergency Response Plan Development (Route Planning & Access) 
  • Web mapping
  • Easy to understand site documents are accurate and detailed 
  • Digitized documents allow for jobs to be completed quickly cutting down on costs 
  • Organized site plans for ease of on-site execution 
  • We store all documentation for your future projects 
  • Our GIS services allow people heading to site to understand what environment they will be working in before they arrive to avoid any uncertainties.