Polyguard RD-6 Coating System

The Polyguard RD-6 Coating System is used for girth welds, new pipe, plant piping and the reconditioning of older pipelines. It is Polyguard’s flagship pipeline product. It is a two-ply geotextile backed coating system that does no shield cathodic protection systems.

These field-applied coatings are designed to maximize ease and convenience for crews working in harsh Canadian environments. Polyguard coatings are non-shielding of your cathodic protection and do not need to cure, so you can backfill immediately.

In-Line Pigging Solutions is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Polyguard Pipeline Products in Canada. We are the initial distributor of Polyguard Pipeline Products across Canada with the exception of British Columbia.

RD-6 is applied in a 2 part process with Polyguard 600 or 601 Liquid Adhesive. RD-6 also comes in an off-shore version for marine pipeline applications. For more information on the RD-6 Coating System or other Polyguard Products, please click on the product links below.

For more info please contact us or visit: https://www.polyguardproducts.com/pipeline/

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