Element Tracking System

The Element System pulls all aspects of a pipeline integrity project to a web-based application aimed at seamlessly planning and executing projects. Our innovative technology, combined with unmatched experience is essential to a successful pigging project.

Tracking System

We integrate calculated and engineered solutions to provide real-time data to project stakeholders.

Our innovative technology, combined with unmatched experience, is critical to a successful in-line inspection or pigging project. Our trackers confirm passages through our remote tracking boxes in real-time at AGM locations or remotely. The Element System consolidates and organizes current and historical line information, project plans, line pressures, portable SCADA, elevation graphs, tool location, and speeds into a single, user-friendly web application. This provides project stakeholders, managers, and field-level employees with real-time data, facilitating adaptive problem solving and streamlined project execution. Once the project is complete a detailed run-report is developed from the Element Web App.

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The Element App receives its information from live trackers reporting passages, remote boxes, and portable pressure transmitters. Our Element Web Tracking App provides a live view of the tool run, making it easy for all project stakeholders to understand tool location, speeds, and important ETA’s in real time.

We have integrated remote tracking boxes to the Element App to have trackers live stream geophone, ELF, and magnetic data from cellular boxes. This capability allows trackers to receive data from locations that they are not physically at, providing enhanced reliability and accuracy on tool runs. This precise detail provides operators with reliable information to make informed decisions during a tool run, leading to greater first run success.

  • All project stakeholders aligned in one platform 

  • One central location supported with single source data 

  • Every passages confirmed ELF and Magnetic record 

  • Proper coordination and communication mitigates errors and risks, in turn saving you money. 

  • Live web map of tool(s) location  

  • Pig run data archived for future use 

  • Cellular / Iridium Satellite Integration with ELEMENT
  • Detects ELF, Magnetic Passage, Acoustic Passage
  • Digital Signal Processing for Decreased False Passage
  • Real Time Streaming via Cell Network of all Sensors
  • Remote Programming –Deep Sleep, Connect on Passage, etc.
  • Offline Passage Detection and Storage
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Modular Design (external power, antenna, network)
  • 200 Hr Battery Life in Continuous Recording /3 month Battery Life in Deep Sleep Mode
  • Detection of Frequency Bands (4 frequency bands)
  • Operating Temperature Range -40 ̊C / +85 ̊C