Element tracking is our preferred form of tracking as we combine intelligent technology with experienced live trackers. We place remote boxes along the pipeline with the support of a live tracker on the pipeline to execute tool tracking.

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The experienced live tracker provides the ability to troubleshoot and provide hands on support to confirm accuracy, provide reliability, and problem solve any issues a singular remote tracking box can’t.

    Remote Tracking Device Capabilities

    • Cellular / Iridium Satellite Integration with ELEMENT
    • Detects ELF, Magnetic Passage, Acoustic Passage
    • Digital Signal Processing for Decreased False Passage
    • Real Time Streaming via Cell Network of all Sensors
    • Remote Programming –Deep Sleep, Connect on Passage, etc.
    • Offline Passage Detection and Storage
    • Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Modular Design (external power, antenna, network)
    • 200 Hr Battery Life in Continuous Recording /3 month Battery Life in Deep Sleep Mode
    • Detection of Frequency Bands (4 frequency bands)
    • Operating Temperature Range -40 ̊C / +85 ̊C
    Element Tracking diagram with icons