Remote Tracking Boxes

Live trackers supported with remote boxes to provide heightened service at an effective price. This strategy allows for hands-on problem solving that a singular remote box can't do alone.

  • Real Time Updates
  • Remote Tracking
  • Live Web Application
  • Live Problem Solving

In-Line tracking crews ensure that the appropriate remote tracking boxes are deployed at AGM’s that they will succeed in based on each AGM’s unique environment. We can live stream geophone, ELF, and magnetic data in any AGM location that has cellular service. The ability to live stream into boxes ensure safety of our employees without compromising our commitment to tracking every location.

For example, tracking a highway location is inherently dangerous. The remote box allows our trackers to position themselves safely along the right of way without missing a passage. Each cellular and satellite passage from the boxes are complete with supporting data plots to confirm passages.

APEX above ground marker

Passage Examples

Passage example

Remote AGM Specs

Specifications APEX AGM
Battery Life

200 Hrs (Continuous),
Much Better with Sleep Mode


6 x D Cell

Internal Storage

64GB (almost unlimited raw data storage)

Devices Detected

All EM frequencies, magnets plus geophone sound

Internal GPS

3 m accuracy; 100 us time sync

Temperature Range

-40°C to +85°C


External Connector, Internal Amplifier
and Signal Conditioning


3G Cellular, Iridium Satellite


Class 1, Up to 100 m/300 ft.;
Enabled for Configuration with Smartphone

User Interface

Smartphone, PC Software
and Push Button/LED


IP67; Sealed against Rain & Dust