Pressure Transmitters

Our pressure transmitters can be deployed anywhere as they carry a Class 1 Div 1 Rating, and provide precision oversight to what is actively happening in the pipeline during any pipeline integrity project.

They are easily deployed with a standard sizing that plugs into any threaded valve. The pressure transmitters prove extremely effective as operators are receiving instantaneous pressure updates allowing them to make quick decisions on reliable information. Adaptive decision making can be the difference for executing projects the first time around and safely.

  • Continuously captures second-by-second pressure data
  • Temperature compensated for high accuracy
  • Integrated 360 degree solar panel
  • Sends immediate cry-out notifications of alarm conditions
  • Time-synchronized to network

    Best Deployed:

    • Tool Runs (ILI, Purge, Line Fill, Batching)
    • Hydrotests
    • Up or Downstream during cut-outs
    • Locating Stopped Tools

    They are great for monitoring pressures in a liquid system that could indicate an issue. They are extremely effective for tracking pigs in a gas environment.

    pressure transmitter