Element Web Tracking App

The Element Web Tracking App provides a live view of the tool run for all project stakeholders to understand tool location, speeds, and important ETA’s in real time.

Tool Run Interface

The Element App receives its information from live trackers reporting passages, communications from remote boxes, and portable pressure transmitters. We have integrated remote tracking boxes to the Element App to have trackers live stream geophone, ELF, and magnetic data from cellular boxes. This capability allows In-Line trackers to track at locations that they are not physically at providing enhanced safety,reliability and accuracy on tool runs.

The Element Web App archives all data sets from tool runs. This creates major planning, organizing, and execution efficiencies for when another tool run takes place in the future. There are run reports detailing executions plans, tool speeds, controls, environmental landscape, and issues experienced during every tool run. Run information is stored and is easily accessible in one easy to navigate website which allows all new and existing pipeline integrity managers to make informed decisions to ensure first run success.


  • Historical Data Storage (Run reports, tracking sheets, execution plans)
  • Mobile and website friendly –no app required, and no installation required
  • All stakeholders are aligned
  • Client Specific Log In
Specifications Description

User friendly web application for all stakeholders to use.


Passages audited by field personnel

Works in conjunction with live tracking

Multiple verification methods possible (magnetic and transmitter)

Multiple pigs in the line supported

Web App Host

Amazon web services (AWS) in Canada

Data encrypted at rest and in transit


No download required and cross platform compatible.

(Chrome Browser Recommended)

Security Compliance

SOC 1/ISAE 3402, SOC 2, SOC 3


PCI DSS Level 1

ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018

Web App Security

Single user login or client specific log in (client discretion)

Number of Users